If you’ve ever been involved in an automobile accident, then chances are you already know how chaotic, unsettling, and stressful it can be. In the immediate aftermath that follows an accident, you’re worrying if you or anyone is hurt, and how you’re going to get your car repaired. Unfortunately, this process has been made even more distressing and worrisome if you’ve been swayed by the misinformation surrounding collision repairs.

At The Kustom Shop, we don’t just provide our clients with superior collision repair and customization services. We’re also a trusted source of information when it comes to dispelling some of the myths and half-truths out there involving vehicle repair after an accident has occurred. Let’s take a look at some of these common myths and separate fact from fiction once and for all.

Myth #1: You Can’t Choose Your Auto Body Shop

If the insurance company tells you where to take your car for collision repair, it’s likely because they have a relationship with that collision center. Unfortunately, many people believe that if they do not go to these recommended auto body shops, the insurance company won’t pay for their repair. However, this is not true. You have the right—legally—to take your car to any shop that you’d like for your collision repair services.

Myth #2: Your Insurance Will Cover All the Damage

While it’s possible that your insurance coverage will pay for all the damages your vehicle sustained, each policy has different limits for what it will pay for collision repair. Not only that, but most plans feature some type of deductible, which means you’ll need to pay that before the insurance company pays. If the accident wasn’t your fault, then you’ll be at the mercy of whatever the other driver’s insurance plan will pay.

Myth #3: You Must Accept the Insurance Company’s Estimate

After your insurance company accesses your vehicle’s condition and repair needs, it will put together an estimate based on typical or “reasonable” charges for repairs. Many times, however, these estimates don’t accurately reflect the true costs of your vehicle’s repairs. If your repairs are going to cost more than the insurance company estimates, then you don’t have to accept the estimate. You can challenge it by providing them with other estimates from collision centers that say the repairs will cost more.

Myth #4: An Accident Will Significantly Reduce the Value of Your Vehicle

Not only can The Kustom Shop make your vehicle look just as good as it did before the accident, but we can even make it look better! Even though your accident will show up on your vehicle’s history report, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will bring down the value. With our professional collision repair services and attention to detail, we can help you get top dollar for your vehicle when it comes time to sell it.

If you’ve been in an accident, don’t let the myths and misconceptions about collision repair prevent you from getting the high-quality services that both you and your vehicle deserve. For more information on our collision repair center, call us today at 402-477-4002.