In the United States, an average of about 6 million car accidents occurs each year. Luckily, a majority of these only involve property damage, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t stressful situations. Not only can an accident leave both drivers and passengers upset and shaken up, but it can be difficult for them to deal with the immediate aftermath.

At The Kustom Shop, we don’t just provide expert collision repair services for our clients in and around Lincoln, NE. We want them to be safe as well. That’s precisely why we’re offering this step-by-step guide. By following these instructions, you’ll feel less helpless and more in control if you’re involved in an automobile accident.

1. Stop and Check Yourself 

Before you move, try to take a deep breath and find out if you or your passengers have suffered any injuries. Get to your phone and call 9-1-1. Even if you have not sustained any injuries, calling emergency services is necessary. Make sure to get the responding officer’s badge or ID number and request a copy of the accident report. You’ll need it later.

2. Move Your Car

If the accident is minor and there doesn’t appear to be any significant injuries to you or your passengers, then turn on your hazard lights. Next, move your automobile out of traffic. Once you’re safely out, you can set up road flares to alert other drivers to your presence.

If you or anyone in your car is injured, or the accident has occurred on a busy road, then you should stay in your vehicle until help arrives. It can be next to impossible and quite dangerous to attempt crossing a busy highway or intersection. Don’t risk it.

3. Check On the Other Driver

Has another person been involved in the accident? If so, check on them and evaluate their current condition. You can ask them if they’re okay, but don’t say “sorry,” or anything else that could incriminate you later on.

When you exchange information, you’ll want to make a note of their:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Make, model, and year of their car
  • License plate number
  • Insurance company and their policy number

4. Take Some Photos

By taking photos at the scene of the accident, you can collect critical data that can help you down the line. Make sure to capture images of both cars and from several different angles. Also, try to take photos of the people involved and the location in which the accident took place.

5. Call Your Insurance Carrier

To begin the process of filing a claim with your insurance company, call them as soon as possible. In fact, many large insurance agencies even have apps you can download to your mobile device to make submitting a claim simple and straightforward.

6. Call The Kustom Shop

Even though your insurance company will probably make recommendations as to where you can get your vehicle repaired, you don’t need to go there. It is common for these shops to have an agreement with the insurance company, and they may even utilize cost-cutting measures to save money on your claim.

Instead, trust the professionals at The Kustom Shop with your automobile’s collision repair. We understand that being in an accident can be more than a scary situation. It can also be a major burden and disruption in your everyday life. And it’s precisely why we offer conveniences such as after-hours key drop-off and even a courtesy shuttle service for our clients. We’ll provide you with a hassle-free repair experience, so you can get back out on the road safely and affordably.

For more information on our collision and body services, call us at 402-477-4002 today!